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words of a dead man

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We’ve learned how to make a living but not a life. We’ve added years to life, not life to years.
-George Carlin



gum works too...

when we all get along...

Iceland sends London's elderly sweaters to fend off bitter winter

And ye shall be forgiven

and welcomed back into the church club.

...even if your "an unrepentant Holocaust denier."

complete story here

know your onion...

Some 50 years ago thousands of excitable young servicemen landed on the white sands of a Pacific paradise to oversee Britain's testing of early nuclear bombs. But what happened next damaged them mentally and physically for life...

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farming : :

snagged from a life less mediated

ron english's take

snagged from wooster from you tube from ?


read along here
nuff said.


recently (11/2007) recorded a mile and a half underwater in the Gulf of Mexico.
read more here
...Hey, wasn't that where a meteor hit during the late Triassic period?

proposition 8

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

main obstacle : human pride

AgroPlast has developed an earth friendly, innovatively circular method to produce:
- plastics
- de-icing agents
- hair and skin conditioners
- cigarette flavorings (...mmmm)
all using a simple by-product of pig waste:
would you support the use of these products?
would you encourage others to do so?

poster boy

First time I saw/heard about this guy (yesterday),  I was, admittedly, a bit jaded - thats what I wanted to do dammit!
but yo, this guys $π¡+ is 100% right on the money, I don't think I could have come near his poignant correctness on the issues at hand - and he's funny too!

check out his photostream here

hind sight... ?

notice the majority laughing at the voice of reason?

ponder this?

So today is World Philosophy Day...

 Here are 4 interesting questions to muddle your brain around:

1. should we kill healthy people for their organs?
2.  are you the same person who started reading this article?
3. is that really a computer screen in front of you?
4. - - need to read the article from the beginning before asking this one - -

. . . and one of my own ::

if you had the power to reverse one evil in the world (only one), which would it be and why is this most important?

just one of the many wonders :

T.E.D. is an amazing site I'm still digging through...

Here's a video about a project Theo Jansen is working on:

Pretty amazing stuff.

(found on Wooster)


wonderful job fellow country people!


Senator Obama was doing press interviews by telephone in a holding room between events. Sometime later as he was getting ready to begin his event, he asked me if I was photographing his shoes. When I said yes, he told me that he had already had them resoled once since he entered the race a year earlier. Providence, R.I., 3/1/2008.
-Photo and Text by Callie Shell / Aurora for Time ©

more pictures here

must see tv


pleeeeeeease VOTE

try and not vote for McCain...

new spin on an old groove

I recently came across this website:
Haley Tricycles

An ingenious reinterpretation of yester year's Ice Cream Trikes...
these are a great investment for any starting business that needs regular transportation and hauling of goods.
Their prices are not much more than a a top of the line street bike and cost TONS less than maintaining a petrol-powered counterpart (scooter, car, SUV)
...and they do custom work. (ranging from display box formats to umbrella holders)

Always good stuff coming outta Philly,
give 'em a looksee

oh yeah, and VOTE

are you a "real" american

...or a "not real" one?

good readings : LA Times

Our culture was built by immigrants and shaped by wars, social upheavals, economic crises and further rounds of immigration, each time from places that seemed deeply "foreign" to those who had already settled in. Each round of change was painful to those used to the temporary status quo -- but each round of change also gave us a richer, stronger nation.

remember to VOTE

if your not sure how to vote...

give this a lesson, i mean a listen

here is the whole interview/roundtable

foot = power

using human energy to power and provide.
are the possibilities endless?

another interesting use of human energy :

vote . . . or don't

it's your future :

riiight . . .

republican computer error?

"I am proud to stand with our Republican candidates as the Obama Democrats and their wealthy liberal backers focus their attacks squarely on defeating Republicans and gaining control of our government.

"I want to do all I can to help stop the Democrats from seizing control of Washington and implementing their radically liberal policy for our nation."

The form then has a space for a signature over the typed name, Vitaly Churkin. (returned unsigned)

it's an ad, i know

doesn't mean it's not fresh . . .

The Story of Stuff

I found this awhile ago - please watch if you have the time.
a step by step tutorial on how we consume and the results of such...

this is the first of a series of 7 videos posted on YouTube
(culmination of all videos totals a little over 20 minutes)
a nice and gentle slap in the face
(includes some nice bits on adjusting one's ways to live better)
...check out No. 5 especially
{you can also watch the full length here}

humility followed by illuminaty

a friend just helped me realize something i had forgotten: It is always easier to dissuade the masses by feeding them (-) scandal, than to hip them towards (+) positive change.
People love to getting the dirt on something and gossiping about it; and it's infectious.
I fell in to the same trap yesterday with my "oPINionated" post. 
guilty and silly shan't happen again...
this website is dope, it's fun and it's right.
They sell mostly office supplies and only deliver in the UK (for now) all of which are constructed from recycled plastics and such.
Here's their site and if you have a second, their Environmental Policy is pretty fresh.
Remarkable gets the Gold Star for today!

(p.s. i will be emailing them to find out about distribution and maybe even retail in the US)
anybody game?

pondering the ability to stop and center.

analyze the human record of things.

...recalling one's miscalculations can prevent the same mistakes from reoccurring.
every action has an (not always) equal and opposite reaction

either way:
"Leisure is a form of Stillness that is the necessary preparation for accepting reality; only the person who is still can hear..." Josef Pierper

plastic soup

As many of you may have heard by now, the uninhabited parts of the Pacific Ocean have a new resident: floating islands of plastic.
For those who haven't yet heard, a brief (albeit non-scientific) explanation: The oceans' surface currents can often form a loose non-vacuous whirlpool. Specifically, in the Pacific, there is a very large section between North America and Japan that is drawing much of the worlds floating litter bits into it's center. 

If your not convinced yet, check out this article from The Independent
or just google "plastic soup" and see what you find...

Please pause for a moment of introspection : think about your last five days past, try and count on your fingers what plastic bits you may have discarded. How many times did you have to count your hand over?

Along comes british reporter Christine Jeavans. She has vowed to give up using any new plastic for the month of August. The video half way down is weirdly interesting, i would have embedded it but I'm not sure how...

you can check out her daily progress and revelations on her blog

if'n your in the neighborhood...

...come and watch The Super and shainfu throw beats at people

wake up america!

what happened to him? wait a minute...
totally worth the 6:22

"...when the moon is round and full, gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your mongrel mind..." : TV on the Radio

anyone for a broadway luncheon?

saw this with mi own eyes the other day. good thing to finally come about.
hopefully it will be infectious 

denim instead of pink stuff

heard about this awhile ago - but never followed up on it i looked
nice, no more gloves; masks

: intelligent production :

domestic aesthetic

I recently met the founder of this company and preceded directly to my 'puter to see what Domestic Aesthetic-ness was all about.
Product that holds ecological and societal interests paramount while maintaining affordable and attainable price points? In today's marketplace? Our society's future just gained another point of credibility.

. . . a source of inspiration to any aspiring catalyst. ~thanks~

how (i) met the walrus

who needs corn? ...hungry mouths...

So I cannot embed this video, but it illustrates, to near perfection, the ability to acquire a substantial amount of Biofuel from a small amount of algae. (thanks craig)

watch me please {there is sound}

Of course this is an informative sales video designed to sell this particular idea. (much like those one accidentally happens upon when applying for a ridiculously lucrative job he/she found in the newspaper)

But who cares? The main sources we use for biofuel are palm, soy and corn. the latter (2) of these plants perform horribly in the maintaining and replenishing the soil they grow in. In fact, there are increasing amounts of farmland becoming completely infertile due to poor rotation systems and pesticides.

I say, let them make some money, support them even. As it stands, there's not a lot of options open to us right now, and we're gobbling up our resources faster everyday.

The more crops we grow for fuel, the less we have to eat.

C'mon lets get with it shall we?

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