who needs corn? ...hungry mouths...

So I cannot embed this video, but it illustrates, to near perfection, the ability to acquire a substantial amount of Biofuel from a small amount of algae. (thanks craig)

watch me please {there is sound}

Of course this is an informative sales video designed to sell this particular idea. (much like those one accidentally happens upon when applying for a ridiculously lucrative job he/she found in the newspaper)

But who cares? The main sources we use for biofuel are palm, soy and corn. the latter (2) of these plants perform horribly in the maintaining and replenishing the soil they grow in. In fact, there are increasing amounts of farmland becoming completely infertile due to poor rotation systems and pesticides.

I say, let them make some money, support them even. As it stands, there's not a lot of options open to us right now, and we're gobbling up our resources faster everyday.

The more crops we grow for fuel, the less we have to eat.

C'mon lets get with it shall we?

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Craig said...

hm. the capitalist in you is fighting the environmentalist in you is fighting the economist in you.

we've quite a few options on the table for creating energy fuels. many are environmentally advantageous, but not economically viable(for profit hungry companies). the status quo is cheaper in the now, and that business model is pretty popular.

sustainability is a new word when compared to corporate excess and waste.