plastic soup

As many of you may have heard by now, the uninhabited parts of the Pacific Ocean have a new resident: floating islands of plastic.
For those who haven't yet heard, a brief (albeit non-scientific) explanation: The oceans' surface currents can often form a loose non-vacuous whirlpool. Specifically, in the Pacific, there is a very large section between North America and Japan that is drawing much of the worlds floating litter bits into it's center. 

If your not convinced yet, check out this article from The Independent
or just google "plastic soup" and see what you find...

Please pause for a moment of introspection : think about your last five days past, try and count on your fingers what plastic bits you may have discarded. How many times did you have to count your hand over?

Along comes british reporter Christine Jeavans. She has vowed to give up using any new plastic for the month of August. The video half way down is weirdly interesting, i would have embedded it but I'm not sure how...

you can check out her daily progress and revelations on her blog

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